Watch Lilly grow before your eyes

By 965koit on November 15, 2019

Oh man, I sobbed like a little baby when I saw this.

On our Nick and Kristen in the Morning Instagram page, we have a set story called “Lilly On Demand”. We’ve been dumping pictures and videos of her in there since she was born.

I never really looked at it, until yesterday when I sat down and watched the whole thing.

Wow, did I get emotional.

It starts with Nick and I getting prepped for my c-section, then shows us holding her for the first time, her first few moments in the NICU, and when she came home.

But it captures all the stuff I had forgotten about, like how she LOVED her mobile. She used to wiggle like crazy underneath it.

If you want to see Lilly grow before your eyes check it out here.

Let me know in the Facebook comments which moment was your favorite!

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