We Might Be Able to Go to Concerts Again . . . If We Wear Spacesuits?

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 7, 2020
A close up image of an astronaut and helmet in outer space. 3D illustration.

Most of us have spent the last month-and-a-half in quarantine . . . afraid to touch just about EVERYTHING outside our front doors.

So the idea of going to a concert, seems like a futuristic dream, since it’s one of the LEAST sterile environments you could possibly find yourself in.

But it’s a lot easier to imagine if you had a special SPACESUIT to protect you from everything and everyone around you.

Some company has designed a suit called the Micrashell, which is kind of like a half-spacesuit with its own ventilation system.  It’s airtight, but only covers your upper body . . . so you won’t have any trouble hitting the restroom.

It has a camera, speakers, and a wireless communication system, which will even allow you to “mute” people around you. 

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