What Is Extra Life?

By 965koit on October 22, 2018

Hey I’m Nick from the morning show on KOIT!

I had never heard of Extra Life until last year when I was asked to participate by a friend of mine. Now I can’t imagine not doing it every year! The term Extra Life refers to video games where you can find/win an extra chance to beat the game. Well Extra Life the event is basically the same thing only it affects real children who need help getting their “extra” chance at life.

This is such a perfect fit for me because I grew up playing all sorts of games and it was a way that I bonded with my mom as a kid. We would play board games on weekends and I would play video games all night long. When I had to stay home alone while my mom worked I would always spend most of that time on my Nintendo because I just love playing games. It’s something I’ll never grow out of and intend on carrying the tradition over to my future daughter Lilly that is due in January. Now I can actually play games to help kids!

Extra Life is an event put on by the Children’s Miracle Network that raises money for local hospitals of the participants choice. The way they raise the money is by doing a 24 hour video game marathon. This year the game date that everyone in the nation participates in on November 3rd-4th. In the 10 years that Extra Life has been happening it has raised over $40 Million for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

This year I’ll be participating with the Bay area based website Imgur.com. We’ll be streaming the whole thing live on Twitch as we stay up all night long and play every game we can! This year I’m hoping to raise $500 for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Here is a link to my DONATION PAGE┬áif you want to help me reach my goal.

You can watch this video to learn more about it!

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