What To Do When An Earthquake Hits

By 965koit on January 4, 2018

It’s been a long time for me personally since I have felt an earthquake. I spent the early part of my life in Southern California and lived there when the San Fernando quake hit. That was the last one for me, until this morning. In school they used to tell us to stand in a doorway because it’s the safest place in the house, that isn’t true anymore. Here is what you need to do when the earthquake hits.

Drop to the ground. You want to get on the ground before you fall over. If you are in danger of falling objects then you can crawl under a desk or table. If there isn’t anything nearby then just crawl away from windows and anything that can fall.

Cover your neck with your hands and arms to protect from falling debris.

Hold on to whatever you are sheltered underneath until the shaking stops.

Stay where you are. Dont run outside and dont get into a doorway, things may still fall. Wait until the shaking stops until you start to move.

If you are in bed. Stay in bed and cover your face and neck with a pillow. Don’t go running around because more injuries will happen in the dark.

If you are outside when the shaking starts get away from anything that could fall like buildings and street lights and wires. Then once you are out of reach, “drop cover and hold on” until the shaking stops.

If you are in a car then pull over as soon as the shaking stops and when you can safely do it. Avoid trees or light poles or anything that can fall.

Be safe and remember to Drop, cover and hold on.



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