What’s With All The Rooftop Art In San Francisco?

By 965koit on July 5, 2019

The KOIT studio sits on top of a small 12 story building on the corner of 3rd & Howard in San Francisco. While it’s definitely not the tallest building on this block, we have a pretty awesome view from our on-air studios. We can see Salesforce towering over us and into the bedrooms of several apartments. Something else we see is Waldo. Yes THAT Waldo, the one who you spent most of 3rd grade trying to find.

There he is! Just hanging out on top of a random rooftop. I see Waldo every morning because he’s right in my line of sight while I’m typing on my computer. I don’t know how he got there or how long he has been hiding on this roof but it’s a cool little touch to my view.


Then suddenly a couple months ago this giant EYE popped up on the rooftop next to it.


The rumor was that it was painted there because of something happening at SF MOMA (San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art) which happens to be right across the street from us. I have no idea if that’s true or not but I guess it makes sense. First thing I thought was “Where is the other eye?” this is obviously the left eye of someone, that means the right eye is probably on a building down the street right? Did they only paint the one eye? Maybe one day I’ll be overcome with curiosity and try to find out the answer.


I want to go to the top of every building and find these city wide Easter eggs that have been hidden in plain sight. There is even a sign for a restaurant next to our building positioned in a way that only we can see it.

You should all be given medals for your creative use of roof space. To those of us stuck in an office all day looking at buildings, these little touches make it a little easier to get through the day.


Is there any rooftop art near you?


By the way, I took these pictures with my fancy camera. Check out my blog where I talk about the struggles of keeping a hobby just a hobby in my life. 


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