When mom is away, dad and Lilly play with lightsabers.

By 965koit on October 1, 2019

After spending most of our time inside baby Lilly’s room, we usually open the door and let her crawl wherever she wants. Next to her room is my nerd room that contains many levels of fandom. There is a glass shelf of pop vinyls, a 3 foot Superman and my newly acquired lightsaber collection. Kristen stepped away for a minute to take a phone call and I decided it was time for a quick photoshoot.

I grabbed Luke’s lightsaber and Darth Vaders lightsaber and placed them on each side of baby Lilly. Which one was she going to gravitate towards? Would that tell me anything about her future personality? No, of course not. However, she did favor the red one over the blue and we all know what that means. But she smiles when I ignite either one of them, so her fate hasn’t been decided yet.

She isn’t old enough to hold them in her hand so that will have to be a future photo session. (But look at her trying to get a good grip on the blue one above!) For now, she can hold and stand on them but epic battles won’t be happening any time soon.┬áIn hindsight, I wish I would have taken her little drool bib off. She was actually wearing a Star Wars onsie!

Behold, Lilly Skywalker.

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