Will I Ever Sleep Again?

By 965koit on April 24, 2019

This Friday, Baby Lilly turns 5-months old. It’s a huge milestone for her because, as a premie, she is doing amazing and really thriving. She is gaining weight, growing like a weed, and smiling a ton!

We’re so in love with her, but there is a problem.


Since Nick and I do the morning show on KOIT, we normally go to bed around 7 pm. We decided to start getting her ready for bed at around 5 pm so that she will fall asleep around 6 pm. That gives us an hour of baby-free time before we need to hit the sack.

We give her a bath, dress her in comfy and warm jammies, feed her, read her a story, and finish it off with a good cuddle. But when we go to put her down, her eyes pop open the minute she touches the crib.

When we pick her up, it’s like she gets a second wind. She wants to play, she wants to engage and make funny faces, and she wants to play with her toys.

Her bedtime has been pushed back until almost 9 pm now!

I’m exhausted.

We don’t swaddle her anymore because she is able to roll over. We even darken the room with blankets over the windows and throw on a white noise machine, but nothing seems to work.

WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? What should I try? I’m open to anything right now.

Momma needs her sleep!

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