Woman Wins $10,000 Reese’s Contest Because Of Daughter’s Name

By 965koit on June 18, 2018

There was a contest going on with Reese’s to find their most outrageous fan. I can only imagine the type of things people did to win this money. I can almost guarantee that someone got the logo or a picture of a peanut butter cup tattooed on their bodies.

Even if that was what people did, they couldn’t compare to the woman who won the money.  Her name is Renee Cupp. Yes, that’s her real name! Renee has an 8 year old daughter named Reese Eve Cupp, as in Reese E. Cupp. Renee named her daughter this because she was a fan even 8 years ago when Reese was born.

Not only did they win the $10,000 but they also got a years supply of Reese’s. So if you are considering naming your new born after a candy or a soda then maybe one day you might also win $10,000. I have a feeling we are going to see the next set of twins born named Left Twix and Right Twix.


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