Working Only One Day A Week Is Good For Your Mental Health

By Hope Bidegainberry on June 24, 2019
Shot of two colleagues giving each other a high five at work

You’re not going to believe this, but if you had a SIX-DAY WEEKEND, your life would be pretty sweet. A new study out of England found that working just one day a week is best for your mental health.

If you work any more than that, you’re not getting any extra mental health benefits, but if you work LESS than that . . . in other words, if you’re unemployed . . . you ARE missing out on the mental health benefits you get from a job, like feeling productive.

The researchers say, quote, “The traditional model, in which everyone works around 40 hours a week, was never based on how much work was good for people.”  

But even if one day of work is the best for us . . . it’s not what we really want.

A survey asked people how many days a week they’d want to work if money wasn’t an issue and they liked their job . . . and only 2% said one day a week.  That’s the same amount of people who said six days or seven days.

28% said three days a week . . . 21% said four days . . . 11% said five days . . . and 14% said NO DAYS.  The rest of people weren’t sure. 

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