The Worst Presents To Get On Christmas

By 965koit on December 6, 2017

Let me first get this out of the way because I know someone is going to say it… Christmas isn’t about the presents, its about family and feelings and stuff. However, as a tradition we give gifts to our loved ones to show them how thankful we are or something like that. When you pick up that gift under the tree and give it a shake, your mind starts to imagine all the wonderful things that it could possibly contain. After ripping the paper off like an rabid animal you discover that its the worst gift ever. That “worst gift ever” is different for everyone but here are the most common disappointing gifts that people get on Christmas morning… even though they are grateful that they got a gift at all because it’s the thought that counts...happy?

10. Soap on a rope (just stop it!)

9. A Scarf (especially one you had knit out of the most itchy fabric of all time)

8. A Handkerchief (this isn’t the 1920’s)

7. Candles

6. A movie you have already seen

5. T-Shirts with funny or clever sayings on them (Because they usually aren’t either of those things)

4. Socks (unless they are Star Wars or Superman)

3. Bath Salts or Bubble Bath (I haven’t taken a bath since I was 13)

2. A toiletry kit (I’m a grown up, I have all the things I need in the morning)

1. Ugly Clothing (Plus it’s always the wrong size. I haven’t been a medium EVER.)


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