Write A Letter & Win A Home Worth $1.7 Million

By 965koit on January 23, 2019

Write a letter, win a home. That’s the idea one woman in Canada has for her beautiful 1.7 Million dollar, 5000 square foot home. For years the owner has been unable to handle the stairs at her huge house and after nurses suggested she renovate it to make it easier for her to get around, she decided instead to sell the home. She says “I view this home as a work of art and I don’t want to make changes to it that’s going to compromise it’s look and the value and craftsmanship that’s in this home.” After a few months on the market, no one bought bid on it. That’s when she got an idea to give it away in a letter writing contest.

She is asking anyone interested in living in her giant home to write her a letter and tell her why. She will accept up to 68000 entries and to offset her costs of the home she has asked each applicant pay $25. If the fees don’t help her break even then she will return everyone’s money, if it does then she will donate 5% to a woman’s shelter in her area.

Here is a link to the official Facebook page with the specifics. 

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