You’ll Make $277,680 Worth of Guilty Purchases in Your Life

By Hope Bidegainberry on May 7, 2019
Close up image of a selection of freshly flame grilled burgers in a row on a wooden counter at Borough Market, one of the oldest and most famous food markets in the world. Each of the burgers has its own label, on which is written the contents of the burger. The burgers are sandwiched between glazed buns, and presented on beds of fresh green lettuce and stuffed with melted cheese and red onion. Horizontal colour image with copy space.

Everyone loves sales.  But how deep of a discount do you need to get to be totally guilt-free about a purchase?  A new survey found the average is 23% off.  Once something’s THAT on sale, we feel like we almost HAVE to buy it.

The survey also found the average American will make $277,680 worth of guilty purchases in their life.  Here are the top ten things we feel bad about buying . . .

  1. Eating at restaurants, because the food’s so overpriced.  47% of us feel guilty.
  2. New clothes, 46%.
  3. Electronics, 38%.
  4. Shoes, 35%.
  5. Delivery or take out, 35%.
  6. Alcohol, 34%.
  7. Cosmetics or other beauty-related items, 31%.
  8. Snacks, 30%.
  9. Vacations or money spent on traveling, 24%.
  10. Your passions, including hobbies, 24%.

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