Your Math Skills Could Win You FREE Hostess Cupcakes For A Year!

By 965koit on October 18, 2017

If you can figure out a simple math problem (not really) then you could win a years worth of those tasty little Hostess cupcakes with the signature swirl of frosting on top. All you have to do is tell them how many Hostess cupcakes will fit into Ford Focus hatchback. National cupcake day is TODAY, October 18th and you have until tomorrow to give them the correct answer. Hostess has teamed up with Zipcar for this tasty promotion and they have decked out the car to look like a Hostess Cake. To enter, just tweet your guess with the hashtag #BuckleYourSweetBelt (I see what you did there) before 3pm Eastern time tomorrow. Get it right and for the next year you will never have to want for another cupcake because you will have a years supply worth. Mmmmmmmm



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