Your Pet Could Be The New Cadbury Bunny!

By 965koit on February 26, 2019
PORTSMOUTH, UNITED KINGDOM: EXCLUSIVE. APRIL 2009: Duck (l) and Worm (r) in April 2009 aged one month, pictured wearing bunny ears for Easter, in Portsmouth, England. Budding fashion photographer Jessica Florence is so desperate for models to snap she’s turned to her pet rats. Picturing them in a variety of cute, cuddly and sometimes hilarious situations Jess, 19, has built up an impressive portfolio of rats in hats and other adorable poses. Jessica and her deceased rat Bug came into the spotlight last year after she posted her pictures on the web. Sadly Bug passed away but Jess now has two white females, sisters Duck and Worm, aged one year and four months. to help her in her dream of making it to the catwalks of Paris and Milan. Gifted Jessica has pictured them snuggling up together with a tiny teddy bear. Other pictures show comfortable Worm in a hard-to-find pose – buried in a pile of cuddly toys the same size as her. The pair are also seen snoozing together in a toy dog basket and wearing toy ears. (Photo by Jessica Florence/ Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

Is it even spring if Cadbury Eggs aren’t in the grocery stores?

This year, Cadbury is holding auditions for a new star for their commercials and it could be your pet!

They are looking for dogs, cats, pigs and everything in between. The candy company is holding tryouts through March 6th looking for their next “bunny.”

All you have to do is take a picture of your pet wearing bunny ears and post it on their website, explaining why they deserve to be on TV in 50 words or less.

The winning pet/pet parent will also receive $5,000, and Cadbury will also be donating $10,000 to ASPCA.

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