HOLLYWOOD - APRIL 26: General view of atmosphere at the world premiere of Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment's "Iron Man 2 held at El Capitan Theatre on April 26, 2010 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Adam Savage, former co-host of Myth Busters, made a real life Iron Man suit and it really flies!!!

I just couldn’t believe this when I heard about it and had to search it up myself!  The rumors are true that someone did indeed create a real life Iron Man suit.  While it looks A LOT like the Marvel Iron Man suit it does have light years of improvement ahead however, it is still SUPER COOL!  The name Adam Savage might sound familiar as he used to be the co-host of Myth Busters on the Discovery Channel.  He teamed up with Richard Browning who owns the jet pack company Gravity to make this suit.

They used a 3D printer to create this!  It is made of titanium, it’s bulletproof AND it flies.  The video is of him actually hovering at least 15′ above the ground and he could actually “aim and directionalize a little bit.”  You’ll see in the video he is actually flying around, not very far, but still…. HE’S FLYING.

It did remind me of the time Michael Jackson or his stuntman used a jet pack and flew out of the arena in Bucharest in 1992 (I believe that is the correct year).  Decades later it just doesn’t look as cool but I suppose it’s the same concept.  This Iron Man suit has a jet pack on the back and thrusters on the arm as well to help propel the user to get around in the air/sky.  Plus it just looks cooler lol!

The future is here.  Let’s just commute to and from work with this Iron Man suit.  I just don’t know how long it will last in the air. lol!  You don’t want to get stuck walking on El Camino from San Jose to San Francisco but then again I guess you can just take an Uber home. lol.






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