BACK PAIN: Getting my spine stretched at therapy.

I got the results from the MRI I took a few weeks ago. You know, the one I freaked out at lol?  So in another blog I explained that I have 2 herniated discs.  I have started spinal decompression treatment and so far so good.  I looked up which chiropractors specialize in spinal decompression in my area and that had the DRX9000 machine.  That is the machine that I am pictured on.

I am basically strapped in at both ends and it gently stretches my discs in the exact location.  You can see that my torso has it’s own harness and my trunk is strapped to the left side of the machine.  Those straps hold my spine at an angle just where I need the stretch.

 I started with a pull of 57 lbs.   The machine stretches at that max pull for a few seconds and then releases slowly and then back again.  I go through about 20 or so cycles for now and it takes about 20 minutes to get through it.  I am now at 59 lbs max pull after 4 treatments.  I go 3 times a week and I have 7 more weeks to go.  This is my first full week.  I love going because I do feel relief.

 I also have to get muscle stim and either ice or heat depending on the sequence of when I’m on the DRX9000.  Muscle stim helps to bring blood to the area and help healing.

 This is my view when I’m getting stim.  Afterwards I also get deep tissue laser therapy.  I also get adjusted three times a week too because right side is pulling upward about half an inch as well.


I’ll let you know how I’m feeling as I go through this treatment program.  There is also a rehabilitation portion that I have not gotten to yet as it is still early.  Thank you for the support!!

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