FUNNY: Fake FYRE Festival in SF!

By 965koit on February 6, 2019
Alcatraz island from a small distance with sailboats.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest Netflix documentaries, you know one of the hottest ones is “FYRE.” No pun intended.

FYRE is based off the failed FYRE festival that was supposed to take place in the Bahamas. It’s the story of the creator of the festival and how it became a total failure.

Well it looks like someone in the Bay Area has some jokes. An event popped up on Facebook claiming there would be a FYRE festival on Alcatraz island.

The event states:

“Party on the Island once home to Al Capone.

Luxury one bed condos starting at $3000!

Lineup to be announced”

As of February 6th, the event already has 1.1K “attending” and 1.5K “interested.” Obviously this is a joke and it’s hilarious reading all the comments about the perfect romper to wear (which is an orange jail jumpsuit).

Check out the event HERE.



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