Homeless Bay Area Man Goes Viral After Handing Out Resumes

By 965koit on July 30, 2018

Imagine sitting at a stop light in Silicon Valley and looking over to your side. You see a man holding a sign. This sign is different though. This sign says “Homeless. Hungry 4 Success. Take a Resume.” Then you take a look over at the man and he’s dressed in a button-up and tie.

That sounds like something straight out of movie, right? Well in fact it happened right here in the Bay Area.

Over the weekend a tweet went viral with that exact image and a copy of the man’s resume.


This man is named David Casarez and is a Texas native who left it all behind to follow his tech dream only to run out of money in June. He’s a graduate of my alma-mater, Texas A&M University, and his resume looks fantastic. It really goes to show that this can happen to anyone.

The woman who posted the tweet has kept in contact with David and it looks like good news is coming his way.



He’s received lots of love from people here in the Bay Area and back in Texas. People are working hard to help David get a job!

You can read more about David and his story here and here.

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