Shelf Life Of Your Favorite Halloween Candy

By 965koit on November 1, 2018

Halloween has come and gone and now there’s nothing left to do but eat ALL THE CANDY!

But how long will that candy last?

Dark chocolate: 1-2 years if you keep it wrapped, cool and dry.

Milk chocolate and white chocolate: 10 months if you keep it cool and dry.

Hard Candy basically has an indefinite shelf life. So your jolly ranchers and lolli-pops will never go bad, unless they are exposed to moisture.

Marshmallows: Last about 6-8 months.

Anything caramel or nougat: can last about 6 months….as long as it’s at room temperature.

Jelly candy: like jelly beans can last up to a year, unopened.

Candy corn: can make it as far as 9-months.

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