STOP Eating Laundry Pods!

By 965koit on January 17, 2018
Pile of washing gel capsule pods with laundry detergent isolated on white background with clipping path

You would think I wouldn’t have to say that out loud to people who understand what poison is but apparently we do. The latest internet trend that “the kids” are doing involves those little pods of poison you wash your laundry with.

Why are they eating them? I don’t know. Kids are stupid and will do anything for attention.

Is it dangerous? Yes. Of course it is. ITS LAUNDRY DETERGENT!

Will it make me cool? No. It will make you sick and possibly dead. Do you want to die because you recorded yourself eating laundry detergent?

Am I a scientist? No. I just drink wine and know things. But here is a video explaining why these things are dangerous and what exactly the Tide Pod Challenge is.

You sound like an old man. I KNOW! And it’s your fault! Stop making me act like a grown up, it’s annoying.


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