Maine Coon Adoptions: Kieran

Hi, I’m KIERAN, a white medium-haired male kitten born in April 2020.  I enjoy playing, but if I must choose between snuggles and playtime, well, snuggles win!  I love to lay on my foster Mom and purr.  I...

Maine Coon Adoptions: Keenan

Hi, I’m KEENAN, a white medium-haired male kitten born in April 2020.  I love to play hard – followed by a snuggle session with my foster Mom.  I am super acrobatic with wand toys and I love attention.  I...

Pets Of The Week: Rocky, Skinny, and Chiquitita

Rocky, Skinny, and Chiquitita have lived together their whole lives, and are looking for an adopter who will take all three fun-loving pups! Oldest boy Rocky (6yrs) is the bold one, Skinny (4yrs) is the thoughtful...

Pet Of The Week: Macaroni

You can call him Macaroni or Mac for short, but perhaps the name that suits him best is: Perfect.  This six-year-old neutered male grey and white Pit Bull is indeed the epitome of perfection. Affectionate, calm...

Maine Coon Adoptions: Alexis

Hi there! My name is ALEXIS.  I’m a female brown tabby Maine Coon mix with vibrant green eyes, and I was born in 2016.  I am a really friendly and social gal, chatty, very people-oriented, loving – and playful...

Maine Coon Adoptions: Mindy

Hi, I’m MINDY, a big, fluffy, gray tabby Maine Coon-mix female.  I have soft fur, big golden-green eyes and was born in August 2017.  I enjoy sitting next to my foster Mom and especially love being petted when...

Baby Animals Are Pure Joy

This is sure to brighten your Sunday! Baby animals are pure joy…in everything they dog!
Watch the video HERE of these babies acting so cute and adorable! 

Pet Of The Week: Monty Python

This Monty Python won’t lob insults at you such as: “Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries.”  Our Monty Python is indeed a real python, not a comedy troupe, and has impeccable manners...

Maine Coon Adoptions: Harrison

Hi there! My name is HARRISON, and I’m a white with brown shorthaired kitten born March 2020. I love to play, and I also love people, pets and cuddles – and I purr a lot! It would be super cool if I could be adopted...


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