Lilly’s Birthday Party Dilemma

I can’t believe it, but Lilly is about to turn 1-years-old! It seems like just yesterday that she was a tiny baby that fit in the nook of my arm. Now she’s so big I can barely hold her without my arms...

The most believable phone scam ever!

Phone scams are getting more believable as time goes on. Most of the time you can tell right away that there is something suspicious about the person on the other end. Either their computer voice is easily recognized or...

Dress up as the power outage for Halloween!

Every year there is something in pop culture that becomes the costume of the year. This year, at least in the Bay area, it’s going to be the power outage. But how can anyone dress up as a power outage? I’ve...

How to get PG&E power outage updates

Since PG&E has started with phase two of the de-energizing, a lot of people are wondering, how will I know if I’m going to be affected? The utility says that they will be able to text you with up to date...

How to open your garage door without power

You may have awoken this morning to find that you don’t have power. You were most likely prepared for this, but you may have forgotten to get your car out of the garage. PG&E is shutting down power all over...

Lilly’s big milestone

Way to go, Lilly! A few weeks ago, Lilly started to stand (with assistance). We’ve been working with her on shuffling. We’ve been putting her at one end of the crib, and putting a toy on the other side to...

My experience as a stay at home mom

One of Nick’s greatest friends got married over the weekend and he asked him to DJ his wedding. Of course, he agreed, but we found ourselves in a predicament. All of his equipment fills up our little Mazda, so...

Become a member of the Positive Parenting Posse

I belong to several mom groups on Facebook. The reason that I joined them is that I wanted a safe place to ask questions with other women. As a first time mom, I’ve realized how little I know about babies and I...

My quest for the perfect slice!

There are many things that I enjoyed as a kid that have come with me into adulthood. My love for pizza is not one of them. There is no good pizza any more! Where is the slice of pizza that hits my tongue and makes my...

When mom is away, dad and Lilly play with lightsabers.

After spending most of our time inside baby Lilly’s room, we usually open the door and let her crawl wherever she wants. Next to her room is my nerd room that contains many levels of fandom. There is a glass shelf...

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