Movie Trailer Wrap Up! (Top Gun, IT & Cats)

The first day of Comic-Con was on Thursday and we are already getting bombarded with new trailers for movies that we can’t wait to see. No doubt there is so much more to come (fingers crossed for a new Star Wars...

Rubik’s Cube Solved In 1.2 Seconds!

Don’t blink or your going to miss the whole thing! The current record holder for solving a Rubik’s Cube belongs to Yusheng Du from China. He solved it in 3.7 seconds, which is INSANELY fast. But now he has...

Detective Pikachu FULL MOVIE Leaked!

***UPDATE*** Congrats to Detective Pikachu for becoming the highest grossing video game movie of all time. It just recently beat out Warcraft to take the global title. Even with a leaked version out there, they were...

I Miss You Comic-Con!

This time of the year always make me sad. It’s San Diego Comic-Con season and once again I’m not going. That’s ok though because I went back in 2013 and some people don’t even get to do that. It...

7 Tips You Need Before You Start Your Diet

On top of being on the morning show I’ve also been making YouTube videos for a couple years for fun. The main focus of those videos has been me trying to buy adult clothes and dress better. When I first moved to...

Ed Sheeran’s New Album Getting Bad Reviews?

If you’re reading this then there is a good chance that you are an Ed Sheeran fan just like me. To hear that he is receiving bad reviews on an album seems odd but it’s what I just witnessed on iTunes...

Your Favorite Dr. Is Back & Mobile

Growing up in the 80’s & 90’s was centered around video games and comic books for me. One of the biggest and most addicting games was Dr. Mario. It was the “match 3 colors” game that everyone...

So We Are Putting Locks On Freezers Now? Awesome.

There are so many things that make the internet a wonderful creation. The fact that you can learn how to do anything you want to learn. There is an online course, a YouTube video or a friend who can teach you how to do...

10 Movies Your Kids Should Watch This Summer

A lot of experts say that kids shouldn’t watch too much TV. However, there is another expert that says that if they are going to watch TV then they should watch something with a lesson. So they came up with a list...

Earthquake Emergency Checklist

We are all a little on edge here in the Bay because of the earthquakes that have been happening in Southern California. The first thing I realized after the first earthquake hit was that I am 100% NOT prepared. If a...

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