A San Lorenzo High School Needs Your Help!

Growing up music was such a huge part of my life. Not only did I always want to be a DJ and be on the radio playing music, I also participated in the music programs at my school for 6 years. I played the Viola (like a...

6 Year Old Piano Prodigy Is Also Blind!

For years I’ve wanted to learn how to play the piano but it just seems to complicated. However, some people are just born to play it. Just like this 6 year old prodigy named Avett who can play songs like...

Here They COME!

Seeing one butterfly makes your little heart flutter doesn’t it? Even now as an adult when one flies by me I stop and squeal “OOOH Butterfly!” Every year there is a great migration of the butterfly...

The Most Adorable Elvis Cover Song Ever.

Not only can this little girl play her own Ukulele, but she can sing a whole Elvis song without the words in front of her. Those are 2 things that a person (me) in their 30’s still can’t do. Get ready for an...

Teachers Using Baby Shark To Teach Your Kid CPR

There was a story a few months ago about a man who saved someones life by giving them CPR to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees. That song has 105 beats per minute and it’s the perfect...

NEW Full Length Aladdin Trailer Looks Awesome!

About a month ago Disney released a teaser trailer for the upcoming live-action Aladdin movie and everyone hated it. They were most upset by Will Smith’s genie and how CGI it looked. I was one of those people but...

Your Dream Job Pays $28,000?

How would you like to be a part of an experiment? Or as the Swedish government is calling it, an “Art Project”. Sweden will have one person from anywhere in the world take their dream job with a few minor...

FREE Prom Dresses & Accessories!

Prom season is coming! Its weird to think about but it’s probably something you as a parent is dreading because it’s SO expensive. You need a dress and jewelry and shoes and limos and all the things your...

Are You Missing An African Grey Parrot?

If you or someone you know is searching for their beloved African Grey Parrot in the bay area, good news, they may have found it! The search is on for the owner of an African Grey parrot in Milpitas. Milpitas Firestaion...

Best. Boss. EVER!

Do you feel like your boss appreciates you? Have they ever done anything to show you how much they appreciate all your hard work? This boss is setting the standard for showing her employees how important they are. Gypsy...

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