Trick Shots At Super Bowl Stadium

I absolutely love these videos! There is something inside me that wants to go around shooting trick shots with a bunch of my friends and seeing who could be the best. That’s probably what drove the guys from the...

Music Made To Relax Your Dog

Does your dog seem a bit stressed out? There is finally something that you can do about that. There is a Youtube channel that has several videos with hours and hours of relaxing music meant for your dog. Surprisingly...

How To Un-send Messages On Facebook!

We have all sent messages with typos to friends that we wish we could take back. Or maybe you weren’t paying attention and you sent that “I Love you” message to your barber instead of your spouse. It...

This Marie Condo Thing Actually Works!

The latest craze has been caused by a show on Netflix called “Tidying with Marie Kondo” and it totally got me while I was taking time off last week. I really found it to be refreshing to get rid of the...

Baby Shark TV Show Coming To Netflix

Does just reading the words “baby shark” in your head trigger the phrase “do do da doo da doo?” Then you are a victim of the Baby Shark craze, just like the rest of us. Not only did the catchy...

Say Good-bye To Conversation Hearts

When you think of Valentine’s day you can’t help but think of those little hearts with words on them. Back in elementary school there were 2 things I looked forward to the most, getting a card from my crush...

Write A Letter & Win A Home Worth $1.7 Million

Write a letter, win a home. That’s the idea one woman in Canada has for her beautiful 1.7 Million dollar, 5000 square foot home. For years the owner has been unable to handle the stairs at her huge house and after...

The Wienermobile Needs YOU!

Did you wake up this morning and realize that you don’t want to go to work. Maybe your job doesn’t offer the freedom of the open road! Do you want to travel the country and have everyone wave at you as you...

A KFC Gravy Scented Candle Exists

There are certain smells that you can identify with one gentle blow of the wind. Like the scent of Lavender, or that fresh baby smell and of course the new car smell. Those are smells that trigger certain memories or...

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