Kids skip school today for a “Bigger Cause”.

Thousands of kids and adults marched around the world today to bring awareness to climate change. The marches have drawn large crowds around the world, and the San Francisco march started at 10 a.m. outside the Federal...

Kristen’s baby book club

When the thumb goes into the mouth, that means it’s time for mommy to put the baby on her knee and pull out a book. It’s time for another episode of Kristen’s baby book club! I love to read to Lilly...

Are any moms “killing it”?

I belong to a couple of Bay Area mom groups on Facebook and last night a post stuck out to me. It was from a frustrated mom who said she was crying in her car because her house was messy, her kids were being difficult...

Watch Lilly grow before your eyes

Oh man, I sobbed like a little baby when I saw this. On our Nick and Kristen in the Morning Instagram page, we have a set story called “Lilly On Demand”. We’ve been dumping pictures and videos of her...

Lilly’s big day out

Lilly is now 10-months old, and I’m planning on throwing her a small party on her first birthday. I’ve been getting excited planning the food, decoations, making her a little smash cake, and having people...

Is Lilly bored with her toys?

Do babies get bored? I didn’t think they did, but Lilly seems to be sick of all her toys. We bought her a bunch of toys and probably did the wrong thing by giving them all to her all at once, but we thought there...

Great, now I’m crying

The day that I had Lilly, I’ve looked at mothers in a different way. Motherhood is such n consuming job and I’ve finding it so tough to not only be a mother, but a good employee, and work on myself too. It...

I found Supermom

After my maternity leave, Nick and I had to face a hard fact. Full-time childcare is expensive. We knew it would be, but we were still unprepared for it. We had to hire a private nanny, because we needed somone at 4 am...

Baby not sleeping? Here’s why

As a new mom, there is a lot that I don’t know. In fact, I don’t know if I know anything when it comes to my baby. The one thing I do know is that I want her to sleep. For her sake and for mine. That’s...

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