The Pearson family is back tonight on This Is Us

This is hands down my favorite show!!  There is so much emotion and filled with real life events in this show.  I particularly love Jack Pearson for the complicated but loving man he is.  He is always striving to do the...

Irritating my kids can be so fun sometimes lol

I recently saw the trailer for the new Mulan movie coming out this year!!  It made me very excited to see it and started thinking about the original and the soundtrack.  One song my kids and I would sing when they were...

Peppa Pig Is Making Your Kids Talk With Accents!

Every parent knows who Peppa Pig is, but did you know that she is turning your kid British? In the show, Peppa Pig lives in a UK town along with her animal friends so of course, she talks with a British accent. So many...

Local family gets Christmas song surprise

This is a super heartwarming story for us because it is about a special family. We have great friends named Jennifer and Flavio. They’re a local family who a few years back adopted their adorable daughter, Adalynn...

SPOILER ALERT: Babies have sharp teeth

Now that I have been a parent for a full year, I should be an expert right? How much more could there be left to learn about this whole parenting thing? That’s what I like to tell myself anyway. Just this week I...

Pictures of Lilly’s birthday party

Lilly turned one on Saturday! It was a very special day and she got to celebrate with family and friends. All her grandparents were able to come out for it which made it even more magical. We didn’t plan for it to...

A real baby proof Christmas tree

Glass ornaments, light strands, even the garland can be a hazard for small kids but one mom found a way to be festive and safe too. Mary Billings sculpted over 150 balloons into a beautiful Christmas tree and now her...

Family fun now comes in a box

I recently met Kim Newman, the CEO, and Co-Founder of the Family Fun Box. Immediately I was intrigued because I 1) LOVE subscription boxes and 2) I’m always looking for things to do with Lilly. This is a box that...

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