Hayward Animal Shelter: Milo

Milo, a sweet, but extremely shy 7 years young pup, needs a patient family to help build up his confidence. He is OK with handling but is not used to walking on leash. He will blossom with a little TLC. OK with teens...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Moby

Moby is a 10 yrs young Cairn Terrier/ Maltese mix who definitely does not act his age. He thinks he is still a puppy! He has cream colored fur, a black button nose and soulful brown eyes. OK with young kids.Hayward...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Pickles

Pickles is a handsome and outgoing 3 year old boy who loves to meet new people. He was a little timid when he first arrived at the shelter but has since blossomed into a very affable and social boy Hayward Animal...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Sir Winston

Sir Winston, 9 months old, was a shy little boy when he arrived at the shelter. Now, after getting lots of attention and TLC from staff and volunteers, he’s blossomed into a sweetie who gives kisses and meows for...

Me and this cheer dad have a lot in common

This video may be a glance into my future. Baby Lilly will grow up and choose the path that suits her best. She may want to pursue sports, dancing or nothing at all. But Kristen and I will be there to cheer her on as...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Drea

Drea, a quiet, 7 yrs young kitty, experienced a rough life on the street and was recently rescued from a storm drain. She’s learning to trust people and loves to be cuddled on your lap. She’d be a good fit...

Hayward Animal Shelter: Enid

Enid is a sweet, 2 year old Chi pup with smooth tan and white fur and big brown eyes. She wants to be the center of attention and would love to go to a home with older children or teens. She’s OK with other dogs...

Pets Of The Week: Kittens

Kitten season is still in full swing and the Hayward Animal Shelter is literally bursting at the seams with kittens of all ages, colors, and personalities. Energetic, curious, outgoing, shy, mellow, and everything in...

Pet Of The Week: Nana

Nana is a sweet, laid back 9 yrs young German Shepherd pup who loves being near people. She gets excited to meet new doggy friends for short play sessions. Nana has beautiful black fur and soulful brown eyes. She might...

Vintage costumes and my favorite SWAT costume

One of my favorite Halloween costumes ever has to be my SWAT costume.  I think this was about 1978-79.  During that time there was a TV show named S.W.A.T. that I really loved the theme song to.   The show intro is...

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