Couple Uses Plastic Pollution To Make Free Prosthetics

By 965koit on July 24, 2018

Laura and Chris are the founders of a charity called Million Waves project. Neither of them are experts in cleaning up ocean pollution or in making prosthetic limbs but that is exactly what they are doing.

One night Chris came up with the idea to use the plastic pollution in the ocean to make prosthetic limbs for people around the world. They take the plastic out of the ocean themselves and then cut it all up by hand and then put it in their paper shredder. Then use that in their 3-d printer to make limbs for people who need them.

They find people that need a prosthetic limbs by using an app.  They then design them specifically to fit them. Each limb costs about $45 to make and that cost is funded by donations and by selling key chains on their website.

Chris and Laura are hoping to get enough money so that they can purchase a commercial shredder and help even more people. You can see their story and donate on their website

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