Quarantine Quarters: Partners and Kids Be Gone

By on May 7, 2020
Golden Retriever Dog wearing headphones

I know. It can always be worse. However, let’s all admit it – this is brutal! Who knew we’d all be in the same quarters as every human in our household for two months? I know I didn’t. I worked from home for a decade. It definitely has its perks…. when my kids were in school! I got work done, errands, laundry and kid pickup / dropoff. Yeah, no. When I started at this fabulous radio station I was over the moon to get out and be surrounded by people in a conversational atmosphere! Oh well. This too shall pass. (Oh to have a dollar every time we said or heard that term? lol)

Even if I don’t see them – I just love knowing them. Freska and Teri are two Bay Area staples and I’m honored to call then friends. We laugh A LOT!

We started this new show since the Shelter in Place took effect. It’s called Feel Good Live! (#FeelGoodLIVE) Normally I will be the host. (Freska and I tried to do a duo. It’s just so tough to fit it in with kids, work, cooking!) Teri has a cooking show and Freska is rolling hers out soon.

We did party together recently. Check out our Quarantine Quarters Convo!

What would you like to see from the show? (M-W-F at 1p on KOIT Facebook Page.)

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