Top 9 Things to Do in this CRAZY Heat!

By Joey Fortman on May 27, 2020

Someone please pass me a popsicle, already! Ugh. I soooo wish they open up pools and beaches here soon. I know it will be busy but boy – my kids are on fire! It doesn’t help that the majority of Mill Valley doesn’t have air conditioning. Shew! Could I complain anymore!?!?!

Ok, enough of that. We’re focused on the health and well-being of our neighbors. But man alive – it’s HOT!

So what else is there to do when it comes to the heat?


  1. Make watermelon slushies!  Frozen slushies – can’t go wrong with that!
    1. 4 cups seedless watermelon
    2. 10 ice cubes
    3. 1/3 cup fresh lime juice
    4. 1/4 cup white sugar
    5. 1/8th teaspoon of salt
    6. Blend and enjoy!
  2. Get crazy with a snowball fight! 
    1. Ok, so all you need are the plush snowballs and you’ll be dreaming of Tahoe in no time!
  3. Kick it with an indoor air fort!
    1. Ok, ya know how kids love to create forts? Don’t be an adult – join them! Add a box fan to the decor of the fancy house and you’ve got instant relief from the heat!
  4. Water Balloon Fight!
    1. Hello! What better way to cool off than rocking the water balloons at your little humans! Clearly we don’t want to leave a mark – but don’t miss them!
  5. Make your own popsicles!
  6. Talk into a blowing box fan to hear your inner robot voice.  Let the air whip your hair around and enjoy the breeze
  7. Do some backyard camping. Even if it’s a totally wimpy tent – it’s so fun!
  8. Go to a drive in!!  They are making a MEGA comeback after Covid-19. Not to mention, how fun! BYOJF. Bring your own junk food!
  9. Make homemade ice cream sandwiches! Ok, so maybe you can store buy the cookies and ice cream. Ha!

Honorable Mentions:

Turn the backyard into a water park!

Have a scavenger hunt!