Yes I still have my pumpkins

By on January 27, 2020

How long can you keep a pumpkin because I still have mine

Daly City weather allowed me to keep my pumpkins for 3 months

I never really go up and down my front steps but I did this weekend. I totally forgot that I still had my pumpkins from Halloween out there! I have one on my landing and one on the steps. They look like they are still in pretty good shape and I bought them roughly 3 months ago! We never carved them so they were still intact. I was so surprised that there was minimal signs of rot. It’s starting with just a few black spots but wow! I was wondering if I could make some pumpkin pie! I don’t think I would though but I was still wondering if I could so I went where most people would to check if it was possible. I went to the internet lol!

I looked up, “How long can I keep a pumpkin?”  It says pumpkins can last in perfect conditions for up to 90 days! The ideal weather conditions range from 50 to 55 degrees! Well what do you know? I live in Daly City! Perfect pumpkin weather!!! Too bad I can’t keep these pumpkins for this year’s Halloween lol!

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