Hot Sauce Mimics Pain Of Venomous Spider Bite

By 965koit on March 21, 2019
Big scary spider on hand

Are you a fan of hot sauce? How about being bitten by a poisonous spider? Well then this new hot sauce was MADE for you! They discovered that the bite from chevron tarantula targets the same pain receptors in your body that hot peppers do. So they created a synthetic venom to use in this new hot sauce that will give you the sensation of being bitten by the tarantula. Fun right?!

Originally they wanted to use the actual venom but in order to make the testing of it safe it would have cost them A LOT of money. So they decided on a synthetic instead. It’s called Venom Chili Sauce and it is already sold out. So apparently there are a bunch of people like you who enjoy pain. Here is a link to the sauce in case you want to see when they get more in stock.


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