How To Avoid Getting Sick From Your Easter Eggs

By 965koit on April 16, 2019

The time is coming to decorate some hard boiled eggs with all the colors of the rainbow! You can add fun designs using special markers, sprinkle them with glitter and then display them for the world to see on Instagram. But what you shouldn’t do after all that is EAT them.

About 180 million eggs will be dyed and decorated for Easter this coming Sunday and I don’t know about your family but we used to eat them after we dyed them. Seems like a waste NOT to right? There are some things you should be aware of before you eat the eggs if you want to avoid getting Salmonella Poisoning.

1. Make sure the eggs you hard boil are fresh. You can do the float test by dropping the egg into water. If it floats throw it out because it’s no good.

2. Hard boiled eggs will last one week in the fridge safely, unless they have been peeled. You need to eat them the same day you peel them.

3. If you have kept your dyed eggs out at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Toss them. After 2 hours bacteria can multiply fast!

4. Never eat a decorated egg with a cracked shell (or any egg for that matter) even if they have been properly refrigerated.

5. Definitely don’t eat any eggs that weren’t dyed with all natural dyes. Some hacks on Pinterest use things like shaving cream to dye the eggs and even if you only dye the shell it’s still a bad idea to eat the egg afterwards.

6. Don’t HIDE any hard boiled eggs because you may not find them all.

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