9 year old boy gets first art job decorating restaurant wall

By on November 5, 2019

This talented young man named Joe Whale got in trouble in class for doodling and instead of his parents reprimanding him they encouraged him to keep drawing!  They sent their son to an after school art class to give him an outlet for his passion.  Not soon after, his teacher and so many others recognized his work.  His art teacher posted his work on Instagram.  A local restaurant named “Number 4” noticed his amazing doodles and asked Joe to decorated a wall in their restaurant.   Joe’s dad, Gregory, would drive his son to the restaurant after school to work on the wall a few hours at a time.  He completed it in 12 hours.  Pretty cool!  His first art job at the age of 9!  Great job Joe!!  He now has his own social media page.  He is known as The Doodle Boy on Instagram 

As a parent myself,  it makes me happy that his parents support his interests and are nurturing them.  Here is a little more on Joe!

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