A salad spinner can speed up your food prep time

By on February 12, 2020

A salad spinner can help you save time and help preserve your produce after washing them.

Ideally, it’s best to make your salad right before you eat it.  I, like many, don’t have that time.  I need to prep my food so I can just grab and go.  I had an issue of not being able to keep my produce from rotting so I did a few things.  I got containers that keep my produce for a longer time and I incorporated using my salad spinner.

I happen to own an OXO Good Grips brand and it works really well.  It was actually my mom’s and it has to be over 15 years old and it works perfectly.   It is easy to clean and easy to use and store.  I prepped my salad and fruits for the next few days.  The purpose of the salad spinner is to remove water off of your produce after you wash it.  Moisture can make your produce and fruits wilt faster along with the way you store it.

I also discovered this article that explained other ways you can use your salad spinner like:

  1. Removing excess moisture from grated potatoes
  2. Defrost shrimp
  3. Dry broccoli florets
  4. Strain moisture from zucchini
  5. Clean leeks
  6. Drain and dry pasta

I was excited to find out that the spinner I have is one of the best on the market.  I wanted to share this video because it also shows you different kinds and what to look out for when buying one.  It also demonstrates how it works.

If you already have one I don’t suggest going out and buying a new one .  Try yours out because if it works well for you that’s what really matters.  Have fun prepping!!

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