A sandcastle you can actually sleep in! 

By on August 21, 2019
Close-up of sandcastle built on seaside by boy on summer island vacations
Most of us by now have been to the beach.  When the kids were little we would go to Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Linda Mar in Pacifica and also Santa Cruz and made sand castles with our buckets and shovels and decorating them with shells!  We have never made one big enough to sleep in though and apparently it isn’t anything knew.
I did look on YouTube to see if others have made a livable sandcastle.  I don’t think this one is taking reservations but at the time of the video the creator lived in it.  His name is Marcio and his Sandcastle house is just steps from the a beach in Brazil.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/SEnehFGA6Gg


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