Bay Area drive in movie theaters open

By Freska on May 8, 2020
MOUNT PLEASANT, UT – MARCH 27: The Keller family gets comfortable in their truck with temperatures in the low 30s before the movie “Onward” starts at the Basin Drive In on March 27, 2020 in Mount Pleasant, Utah. The Basin Drive In opened early this year despite cold temperatures because of the closure of indoor movie theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic. (Photo by George Frey/Getty Images)

It seems like such a long time ago that we got to watch a movie in a theater!  For our family, it has been years since we have been to a drive in movie theater.  I don’t think my kids have ever been to one!  While parts of the country and state are slowly opening families are happy to know they can go out and watch a movie…from their cars.  I remember my friends always told me, “Freska, you’re not missing much not going to the drive ins because you can only hear the movie from a car stereo.”  I never really minded and the thought of just hanging out in your car with blankets and pillows is actually pretty cool!  There wasn’t one that was close to our house in the Peninsula so we just never went.  Now, people are excited to just go out and a drive in theater is one of those places!  It’s perfect!  It’s isolated so families can be socially distant from the next car.  I’m excited to try and get tickets to West Wind Capitol Drive-in in San Jose however if Bay Area residents want to drive to the other location it is the West Wind Solano Drive-In and that one is in Concord.

The snack bar will be closed and so will the play ground but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone much.  Here are some additional rules that are also posted on their website:

  • People must stay in their cars at all times except to visit the restroom
  • You must wear face covering when leaving your car for any reason
  • You may not park your vehicle within 10 feet of another vehicle
  • Limited number of people in the restroom at a time except adult with child
  • Customers who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave

West Wind Solano Drive-in is located in Concord on 1611 Solano Way, and the West Wind Capitol Drive-in in San Jose is located on 3630 Hillcap Ave.