Ways to heat your home and stay warm without using too much electricity

By on November 23, 2019

While winter is a time of fun and parties, many have been dreading the huge electric bill caused by frequent use of heaters. However, these tips should help you enjoy the holidays without any hefty bills after.

Proper Insulation A one-time cost, yet, helps you save a lot of money during the holidays.

Use Your Fireplace Traditional way to keep you warm and cozy, but ensure to have proper ventilation, as well.  Close up any Cracks and Use Draft Stoppers Check for window cracks and use caulk. For doors, put an insulating draft stopper to prevent cold air from seeping in.

Cover the Floor with Rugs Carpets and rugs keep the heat from escaping through the floor. They are warm to walk, too.

Dress in Layers  This one was my mom’s favorite.  She would see me walking to the thermostat in the hallway and immediately say, “PUT ON A SWEATER!”  lol.  Wearing several clothes, sweaters and jacket will help you feel warm. The same principle when you go outside.

Reverse the Ceiling Fans By making the fan turn slow and clockwise, it’ll push the warm air down.

Sunlight and Thick Drapes When the sun is out, open the curtains. Close them when the sun is down to keep the house warm.

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