Boba Fett and I had a moment

By on January 30, 2020

I always knew that I had some kind of connection with Boba Fett and I finally I got close enough to take his photo. LOL. This photo was taken at Disney World last summer when he saw me in the crowd and pointed at me as if to say, “I SEE YOU FRESKA!”

Ever since I was a kid I really loved Boba Fett. I thought it was cool that he was bounty hunter with a super cool helmet!! lol  I wanted to be Boba Fett for Halloween as a kid but never made that known to my parents because I know they wouldn’t buy it for me anyway. Now that I ride a motorcycle I would love to get a Boba Fett helmet to ride around in.

This helmet looks as true to the real Boba Fett helmet and it appears that you can actually see through the entire visor. Most motorcycle Boba Fett helmets don’t do anything on the visor at all.  If I ever get one of these I actually may not ever use and just display it lol!!

This is not a motorcycle helmet and I want this one too!!

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