Bought some of these personalized mugs and we love them

By on January 16, 2020

I saw this on Instagram and thought to myself how cute it was. I just liked the post and kept scrolling. Well you know how it goes, you click on something and it stores your cookies or something and then you see it all the time!!! I caved in, every time I saw it I was more inclined to just get a mug!!

I also have a sisterhood of friends from high school. One of the 3 sisters in my sisterhood I’ve known since I was 12 because we went to junior high together! We have a text thread of all of us that I call the Golden Girls lol. We have seen each other’s families over the years grow and our kids know each other. It’s a wonderful thing and I am so thankful for them.  They are remarkable resilient women that I love SO much!

Anyway, I clicked on the website link on line because it also popped up on my Facebook account. I’m so glad I did it. I gave it to my sisterhood as a gift. I ordered four but I ended up with 8 because there was a misspell I noticed on the proof and tried to catch it before production. There was some kind of mix up and I got 8 of them in the mail with all of the correct spellings!  Nadien, Frances (me), Joy, and Monette! I gave each of my besties 2, one for work and one for home!! I wanted to let them know on a daily basis or whenever they use the cup that I love and appreciate them.

There are some pretty cool other designs with dogs and cats and families too. You can make your own. It’s a cool gift idea. I got mine at Unifury,com

Here are few more links too. I honestly found the ones below by just googling it! Super cute stuff!

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