Busy moms can relate!!

By on September 4, 2017

Getting a manicure and pedicure can be fun and well kept nails are pretty. However, the reality of getting our nails done on a regular basis is a LUXERY!!  As pretty as they are it can get expensive and time consuming.  For my busy lifestyle, I just don’t have the time. Unfortunately, when ever I try and do my nails myself, it looks like I painted my nails with my eyes closed because I just don’t have the “handles” on the nail polish brush lol.  My cousins are going to kill me for posting this but they will never know LOL!!  We went swimming this weekend because it was so hot and we discovered just how close we are!!  We all had grown out mani-pedi’s!!  We are all busy moms and the last thing we are thinking about is getting our nails done.  After this photo we went home and removed the polish together. lol.  Cousin bonding time.  Ha ha ha ha.  My hand is the one on the top right corner with broken finger nails too.. lol!  


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