Does your office refrigerator look like this?

By on August 26, 2019

Ahhh yes, the office refrigerator.  Let’s just be honest, some of our coworkers (or maybe it’s you)  don’t know how to keep that shared refrigerator clean!  Our company fridge doesn’t look as horrible as it used to.  A while ago, I stopped putting stuff in there because I GOT SCARED lol!  For a while it looked like a grocery store vomited in there and on some days it smelled like it!  Luckily some very nice co-workers voluntarily clean it out on a regular basis.  They will send out an email that says if you don’t claim what’s in here it will be tossed by FRIDAY containers and everything.  Since they have been doing that many respect the fridge knowing that their things will get thrown away whether it is good or not!

There is such a thing as Office Fridge Etiquette:

  1. Don’t take food or items that aren’t yours.
  2. Store food in leak and spill proof containers.
  3. Clean up spills when they happen.
  4. Don’t leave open containers in there.
  5. Label your items especially the one that you don’t want people eating.

There you have it!  What do you think of our company fridge?  I found an expired item in the freezer portion lol.  Trust me this food locker was A LOT WORSE!! lol


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