Filipino deserts for the holidays and beyond

By on November 29, 2019

I am very proud of my Filipino heritage and one of the many things I love about our culture is the wonderful food we have.  We also have scrumptious deserts on the table at family gatherings.  Yesterday was Thanksgiving and we spent it at my sister’s house.  I stopped off at a local Filipino restaurant that is also a bakery.  Our family has been coming to this bakery since the 80s.  It is filled with many popular deserts and pastries and cakes.

One desert in particular that my latino friends always joke with me about is a spongy like cake that has the same name as a Spanish curse word lol but I assure you in tagalog is a famous sweet desert!  It’s called puto. Yes, I know, I know. lol

We also have polvoron.  I invited Karina that you often hear on the weekends on KOIT to our Thanksgiving celebration.  I had her try polvoron.  It has a Spanish sound to it probably because the Philippines was conquered by Spain for 400 years and polvo means powder in Spanish. Karina says, “Oh!  It’s like pan de polvo”.   Wikipedia defines it as a type of heavy, soft, and very crumbly Spanish shortbread made of flour, sugar, milk, and nuts.

I also bought 3 loaves of mocha cake.  OMG!  This cake is to die for.  It is so good!  I grabbed a bag of assorted boat tarts too!

I walked out of Goldilock’s in South San Franicsco with 3 mocha cakes, 2 bags of polvoron, 1 assorted boat tarts, and 1 cutchinta!!  I managed to grab all those in about 5 mins and got in line lol!  I knew exactly what I wanted.  Here are a few pics of the restaurant and how busy it was during the holidays.



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