Grandaughter created protective curtain so she can hug her grandparents

By Freska on May 15, 2020
STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT – MAY 14: Elementary school teacher Luciana Lira bids farewell to baby Neysel, six weeks, before his parents took him home from Lira’s house on May 14, 2020 in Stamford, Connecticut. The family, all now testing Covid-negative, met him for the first time at Lira’s house, where she has cared for the baby since his birth. On April 1, his mother Zully, then almost 8 months pregnant, was hospitalized for COVID-19. Staff at Stamford Hospital intubated her and performed an emergency C-section to save the child. The newborn could not join his father Marvin and brother Junior, 7, as they were COVID-19 positive and quarantined. After more than three weeks in a coma at the hospital ICU, Zully responded to antibody blood plasma transfusions and was able to return home. The baby stayed in the temporary care of Lira, a K-5 Bilingual /ESL instructor, for a total of six weeks, until the family recovered and all tested Covid-negative. Lira teaches Junior at Hart Magnet Elementary in Stamford. The Stamford non-for-profit Building One Community (B1C) immigrant resource center has been assisting the Guatemalan family during the ordeal. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Many people during this pandemic have had to adjust or test their levels of comfort when it comes to isolating oneself from friends and family.  One young lady from Riverside, CA named Paige challenged herself because she missed seeing and hugging her grandparents.  While just being 10 years old she was determined to create a safe way to visit loved ones again.  Paige calls her creation a Hug Curtain.  She made it out of a shower curtain, Ziploc bags, glue and paper plates!  Imagine a shower curtain hanging over a doorway secured/sealed to the door jam.  On each side there are armholes with large plastic sleeves to fit arms through from each side of the curtain.  The paper plates reinforce the the armholes from ripping.  Their was a video of her using this with her grandparents.  It looked like a PPE hugging contraption that can be just left up for visits that can happen everyday.  Pretty cool!  To check out her Hug Curtain click here.