A Great Place In Fremont for Women Going Through Breast Cancer

By on February 28, 2018

Today I visited The HERS Breast Cancer Foundation in Fremont.  This is a wonderful non-profit organization that truly helps women that are going through breast cancer.  They provide a variety of services and products that help an individual feel “whole” again, as best as possible.  I am a breast cancer survivor myself and when I walked in there today I was happy to be greeted with smiles and warm hugs from the women that work there.

There are so many different layers to a breast cancer diagnosis.   Along with feelings of uncertainty there are feelings of fear and anxiety as well.  Many women go through hair loss, lumpectomies or a mastectomy sometimes even a double mastectomy.   It can leave a woman with body image issues.  I know I did.

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation have trained compassionate women that know how to deal with the emotional and physical challenges one goes through especially during treatment.  They fit women with special bras that have pockets to fit a prosthesis.  They also have wigs, hats, and scarves.  They also have compression sleeves for lymphedema.  They work with Medi-Cal patients as well as regular insurance.   If you or someone you know is going through breast cancer please pass on this blog or information.  It just might be what they are looking for to help them get through things a little easier.


HERs Breast Cancer Foundation

2500 Mowry Ave # 130

Fremont, CA 94538

510) 790-1911




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