Here’s why you or wife go to Target and buy more than what you need!

By on September 3, 2018

Many of us have gone to Target or Walmart and bought more than we need.  There is a simple explanation and it’s because those stores and many others are designed to trick our minds into thinking we need those things or  we are getting a deal.  It is sometimes called THE TARGET EFFECT.   I recently went to Target with my boyfriend and told him to check out the layout and the things that seem like they shouldn’t be placed in that isle and be aware that it’s strategic product placement.  For example you might be browsing in an isle with roller skates or razor scooters and an end cap may have helmets AND BANDAIDS! You’re mind will be tricked into thinking that you will need bandaides or perhaps you or your child should be prepared just in case you take a fall and scrape your knee.

Read more about it here so you can be more conscious when shopping ANYWHERE!  Ask yourself, “Do I really need this?  Did I come here to buy this?”  If not, don’t fall for the trap…like I often do! lol!!



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