I almost fainted in the hot weather!!

By on June 28, 2017

Hey it’s Freska and I live in Daly City, home of the fog.  Mark Twain did say something like, “The coldest winter was summer in San Francisco.”  Well that extends to Daly City too!  I think its hot when the temps get to 70 degrees so you can imagine what I was saying to myself when I went to Las Vegas recently!!  It was 111 degrees and I almost fainted!!  It was aweful.  I love hot weather and the last time I suffered from heat exhaustion was when I was a little kid.  In Las Vegas I thought I was drinking enough water but apparently not!  I felt sick, I was light headed and had blurred vision and fatigue.  It happened in a matter of about 20 minutes.  Heat exhaustion can happen fast!!  I had to be doused with water on the sidewalk lol!!  I know it is no laughing matter but when I think about me leaning on a storefront ledge being sprayed with a very huge fire extinguisher type water mister, it must have looked funny.  I looked like I went swimming on the sidewalk with no pool! lol!!  OMG.  Anyway, luckily there are no photos of it!  In hot weather make sure you stay hydrated!! Be safe!!!  




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