I instantly fell inlove on a city street with these three cuties

By on December 17, 2019

I had the time of my life today for a short while when I came across 3 dogs and their human!  I am a dog lover to the core and I saw these cuties who all had Christmas head accessories on.  I felt like a creeper asking their human if I could take a photo of his dogs but they were just too cute I had to ask.  Their human’s =)  name was Max and was so very nice in redirecting Koa, Ambrose, and Luna to stand next to the wall so we wouldn’t be in the way on the sidewalk.  I happened to spot them as I was walking to Oren Hummus and they were about to cross the street by the SF MOMA to Yerba Buena Gardens.

I have to admit that they were SO very well behaved!  I loved just being around them.  Let me introduce you to them.  From left to right you have Koa, a German Shepard in his Santa hat he is 3 years old.  In the middle we have Ambrose who is a 9 years young beautiful black Lab with his reindeer antlers on.  On the far right is the leader of the pack, Luna.  She is a 6 year old German Shepard/Rottweiler mix.


Max had the trio sit patiently as crowds of people started to stand around and take photos of them and with them!

Max had some treats and as you can see the dogs are looking off camera at what Max had in his hands.

They each got one.  Koa caught one but his hat then fell on his face and again looked like a superstar cutie with his hat hanging over his nose but Max quickly fixed it so Koa could see.

Max and I spoke for a while.  Luna is his dog while he is training Koa and Ambrose.  Max is very passionate and is so very keen to dogs and their needs.  It was great speaking to him and learning about the trio he was walking today!  Thank you to Max and Koa, Ambrose, and Luna for being so awesome!  I also found out they have an Instagram so follow their explorations with some of their other furry friends all over the city and beyond and @outtt_n_abouttt


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