My plan to not gain anymore weight especially through the holidays

By on December 13, 2019
I actually made that Ranch and Bacon Mac n Cheese above and it’s been a struggle to eat better but I have to RE-START somewhere.
Moment of truth:
When I think of the holidays starting with Thanksgiving and moving through Christmas and New Year’s I think of GAINING WEIGHT!!!  It really is true, at least for me that as I got older my metabolism changed…it’s slower…for sure!  It doesn’t help that I also have 2 herniated discs in my spine.  It’s doing better though but my lack of working out from being fearful of injuring it more kind of made me more sedentary.  No wait, it DID make me more sedentary.
Ok. So now what?  I simply cannot just take this lying down.  Get it?  Ok, never mind.  I mean, I can’t just be ok with accepting this is my life.  So I called my jiujitsu coach/trainer Jay who has always been there through my inconsistent fearful cycles of working out and not working out.  His wife Jane is one of my chiropractors too and is an amazing competitor and coach herself!!
Jay knows of my back issues and the the slew of things that are still challenges today after cancer, which is now 6 years ago.  He is going to rehab my back and strengthen my core to help with my over all stability and we will see where that leads.  One thing I know for sure if I don’t do anything than my body will just break down even more.  It’s game time.
One day at a time.  One exercise at a time.  One small goal at a time.  I will report back.

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