My pup had surgery and isn’t herself lately

By on May 23, 2020

Hearing my dog cry just breaks my heart.  She got a fairly large skin tag removed yesterday.  It was the size of golf ball hanging on the outside of her joint behind her front left leg.   It wasn’t always that big but recently it started bleeding in certain places and we were just concerned also that it may get snagged on something and cause a good amount of damage and pain.  I was able to take her on Thursday to finally get it removed.  Her vet is one of my childhood friends so I was actually very comforted by that.  She took great care of my Jada, however, Jada has been crying on and off all day even with the pain medication.  Her surgery site looks clean but slightly swollen and bruised as one KOIT FB comment mentioned but that it was to be expected.  I tried icing it but Jada didn’t like that much so just trying to lay with her and hopefully it comforts her enough that she will get some rest tonight.



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