Does your office refrigerator look like this?

Ahhh yes, the office refrigerator.  Let’s just be honest, some of our coworkers (or maybe it’s you)  don’t know how to keep that shared refrigerator clean!  Our company fridge doesn’t look as...

I found out why I have sciatica!

I’ve been having back problems for a long time.  No matter what I do.  Stretches  and exercise to keep it loose helps but lately it’s been progressing.  I told my massage therapist that it felt my spine was...

Raccoons are pooping on my porch in Daly City.

I think raccoons are really cute!  I want to hug them and play with them but when I have that thought I immediately think of that scene in the movie Elf when Buddy wants to hug one and it doesn’t go over so well...

A sandcastle you can actually sleep in! 

Most of us by now have been to the beach.  When the kids were little we would go to Ocean Beach in San Francisco, Linda Mar in Pacifica and also Santa Cruz and made sand castles with our buckets and shovels and...

Can you cook an egg on the sidewalk?

I always wondered this as a kid and still as an adult but never tried it myself so I looked to YouTube.  Can you really cook an egg on the sidewalk?  I believe you can.  The internet says:  According to the Library of...

Delaware is now a NO KILL state for animal shelters!!

As an owner of a pitbull that I rescued from the SF SPCA this news is just incredible!  Delaware has become the first no kill state for animal shelters.  The organization The Best Friends Animal Society tracks no-kill...

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